Here's What Our Clients Are Saying About Us!

"Results-oriented treatment through astonishing insight and intuitively guided hands. Dr. Paul Lewis's massage is informed by his broad understanding of the human condition. During my session he guided my body and mind into the realm where I could experience my innate capacity to let go of stress and ease into equilibrium: free of the pain that distracted me from enjoying my day. With hands-on guidance and experienced technique he put me in touch with my own Inner Healer and I left our session feeling happy and empowered."

- Gretchen D.


"Paul is a person who is sensitive to other people's feelings and their possibly different perspective, which always gives a practitioner great advantage in knowing how to help that person best. I am one of Paul's instructors. I am writing this review for both types of massage he offers because it is the way he is: sensitive to other people's feelings and knowing how best to help his clients from many perspectives--seeming to know "where the other person 'is coming from.' "  I highly recommend Paul."

- Elaine G.


"As Owner and Director of Central Massachusetts School of Massage & Spa Therapy, I have taught Dr. Paul and I have also received many massages from him.  I highly recommend him.  His massages feel good and they seem to somehow target what each individual client needs.  He treats clients with respect and dignity, and he can make me smile and relax both at the same time.  Unique.  He has a large repertoire of styles.  Pay him a visit.  You won't be disappointed."

- Greg S.


"Paul was a competent student garnering high grades in his classes.  Not only did he make every effort to learn the material, he also made every effort to apply the information to the practice of massage.  Paul was always willing to learn different massage techniques and how best to apply a variety of techniques.

Paul is mature, very intelligent, professional and extremely capable.  He has excellent communication skills.  Paul is able to speak with clients about health and massage related issues in a very professional manner.  He is ethical, honest and considerate of his client's feelings and needs.

Paul readily combines the knowledgeable he has gained and is able to tailor the massage techniques to the benefit of his clients with ease."  [Paul's Massage Instructor]

- Janis Drakes MS LMT


"Dr. Paul's knowledge of human physiology really sets him apart from any other masseuse that I've ever been with! He took the time to really understand all of the complex issues I have, and worked out a treatment that specifically was designed to help my damaged muscles & nerves start to heal & head back on a path to better health!

Dr. Paul has gentle touch, even with a deep tissue massage, that has already brought me relief after only after a single extended session.

I'm really grateful for his understanding and genuine concern for my well-being. I can't even begin to recommend him enough! Anyone who is lucky enough to use his services will learn quickly that he truly cares, understands & has only his clients' best interests to be on a course to "heal" their problems, not just an ordinary general massage. It's all about fixing problems, not just trying to rub them away.

I couldn't offer a better or higher recommendation! He's really amazing & I feel extremely lucky to have him helping me! I am certain he can help you too!"

- Craig Mc


"The work you did  didn’t seem so extensive, but on Sunday night I could lie on my back without pain for the first time since my accident, and it seems to be holding up. You must have magic hands."

- Paula S.


"Excellent massage -- looking forward to the next one. Great job, very professional. I feel very comfortable. Once again looking forward to the next one."

- Maria F


"excellent massage

I can't wait to come back

You have an awesome touch

you hit all the right buttons and you are welcome to next time I come back to the area"

- Jack P


"Paul Lewis Gives great Attention to Detail. Awesome Massage--I felt so relaxed I was woozy after. I highly recommend having him work on you."

- Katie C.